Church History

The Apostolic Church of Sri Lanka was formally established In Sri Lanka in the year 1974 under the leadership of Sister Janet Wickramaratne and her brother, Pastor Samuel Evansely Wickramaratne. The church ministry was taken forward and developed in Sri Lanka with mutual agreement with The Apostolic Church of United Kingdom mainly on spiritual and administrative matters.

During the year 1976, Pastor Samual Evensley Wickramaratne was ordained as an Apostle to the Body of Christ in Sri Lanka by the Apostolic Church of UK.

Before joining the Apostolic Church worldwide spiritual family, sister Janet and pastor Sam together with many other believers had carried out a spiritual ministry as a separate group in the areas of Moratuwa, Wellawatta, Hewadiwela and Mattakkuliya.
In fact, members of this group had earlier belonged to one of main Pentecostal church in Sri Lanka. They had to split from that church in the year 1961 due to disagreement on some policy matters. Thereafter, this group was operated for about 13 years (1961 -1974) as a separate ministry. As stated above, this group joined with the Apostolic Church of UK during the year 1974.

After accomplishing God’s purpose on earth, sister Janet Wickramaratne was called to glory in the year 1984. Thereafter Pastor Samuel Wickramaratne actively served in the ministry of God until the year 2002. Subsequently the Apostolic church in UK ordained a new leadership to the Apostolic Church of Sri Lanka. At the age of 84, Pastor Samuel Wickramaratne was called to glory on the day of Good Friday In the year 2006.

As a result of ongoing policy disagreements with the church leadership, Pastor K.Stanely Fonseka came out of the Apostolic Church in Sri Lanka in the year 2006. At the same time, two elders of the Moratuwa local church, Brother Anil Mendis and Brother Jagath Kapila Fernando, who had been ordained as Elders to the local church by Apostle Samuel Wickramaratne, too came out of the church due to disagreement on policy matters.

After leaving Apostolic Church of Sri Lanka, these three members had an idea of joining or take part in a God’s ministry on individual basis with another church who is having a similar vision. However, it was clearly felt that Holy Spirit was prompting these three members to start a new church adhering with clear biblical principles and church governing and finance policies.

Accordingly, serious thought on all aspects such as the foundation, structure, governing policies, expanding the vision and mission of the church were given by these three members. Midnight on the 24th of May 2006, “LIVING VOICE OF LIFE THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF MORATUWA” was started at the residence of the Pastor Jagath Kapila Fernando in Rawathwatta Mortuwa. Pastor Stanely Fonseka, Pastor Anil Mendis, Pastor Jagath Kapila Fernando sister Neluka Mendis and Sister Bhagya Fernando worshiped the God as the first believers of the new church. Subsequently, a large number of believers of the Apostolic Church of Sri Lanka – Moratuwa local church too joined with this new church.

Until the year 2010, church was operated under the leadership of Pastor K. Stanely Foneska, Pastor Jagath Kapila Fernando & Pastor Anil Mendis. In the year 2010, Pastor Stanely Fonseka decided to join back the Apostolic Church with his immediate family members. However the rest of the church members ( almost all members ) felt that he joined back The Apostolic Church of Sri Lanka for his personal reasons ( personal interests ).

Pastor Jagath Kapila Fernando and Pastor.Anil Mendis continued the spiritual ministry together with the group of ordained leadership consist of Elders and Deacons to the church.

At present “LIVING VOICE OF LIFE” THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF MORATUWA is growing day by day in spiritually and in numbers and getting operated at its administrative office at the Geffory’s Studio building , no 330 , Idama Moratuwa.

Sunday worship service and Sunday’s school for the children are held at the God’s Little Acre Premises in Kadalana, Moratuwa. Saturday morning Fasting prayer and Saturday evening Tarry Meeting are held at the Auditorium of the Geffory’s building, Idama, Moratuwa. Gospel service is held on Fridays at the Shanaka Furniture building in Moratumulla Moratuwa.

Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and preparing believers of the church as “ The Bride of Christ ” in his Second Coming have become the main spiritual focus of the church.